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For more information about GIT, see an overview, the git tutorial or the man pages.

All software on this site is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.
Library code is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
The above rule may have exceptions. Such exceptions will be listed clearly on each project page.

To clone a repo from this site, invoke the following command:
   git clone git://
Project Description Owner Last Change
git/git.git local git mirror Andreas 8 hours ago
git/libgit2.git libgit2 patches Andreas 2 years ago
nagios-patches.git Patch queue for Ethan Andreas 3 years ago
nagios.git Nagios imported Ethan 19 months ago
nagios/merlin.git Merlin (Module for Effortless... Andreas 3 days ago
nagios/nagios-exp.git Experimental patches for Nagios Andreas Ericsson 11 months ago
nagios/nagiosplugins.git clone of the official nagiospl... Peter 3 years ago
nagios/ninja.git A Nagios PHP Gui - Nagios... Per 2 days ago
nagios/notify.git nagios-notify.git Peter 4 months ago
nagios/op5plugins.git Plugins for Nagios created... Peter 13 days ago
nagios/pnsca.git Persistent NSCA feeder Andreas 3 years ago
nagios/reports-gui.git Report library and GUI Per 22 months ago
nagios/reports-module.git NEB-module for report data Andreas 23 months ago
nagios/smsacknowledge.git SMS acknowledgement system Peter 2 years ago
nagios/vbs-plugins.git VB script plugins for Nagios Mattias 3 years ago
php-tools.git Misc tools that aid PHP develo... Andreas Ericsson 4 months ago