2009-10-02 Per Åsberg widgets/tac_monfeat: Don't compare against strict bool...
2009-10-01 Andreas Ericsson helpers/nagioscmd: Convert floatval() duration to seconds
2009-09-30 Per Åsberg views/extinfo/index.php: Modified extinfo template
2009-09-29 My Appelgren changed the left margin on the view & edit page for...
2009-09-29 My Appelgren translated the text on the nagvis index page + fixed...
2009-09-29 My Appelgren fix #2772 - fixed ie7 bug
2009-09-29 Per Åsberg Display better error messages to user
2009-09-29 Per Åsberg models/command: Don't use comma for decimals
2009-09-29 Per Åsberg Populate downtime ID drop-down
2009-09-29 Per Åsberg models/command: Add translation to some command variables
2009-09-29 Per Åsberg controllers/command: Don't assume 'fixed' param
2009-09-29 Per Åsberg Validate command input values
2009-09-24 Per Åsberg models/command: Convert end_time to readable date string
2009-09-24 Per Åsberg controllers/extinfo: Compare status values against...
2009-09-24 My Appelgren fixed the layout for the maps and rotation pools on...
2009-09-24 Per Åsberg views/extinfo/comments: Added link to extinfo from...
2009-09-24 Per Åsberg models/comment: Reworked comment model
2009-09-24 Per Åsberg controllers/extinfo: Don't add code after return statement
2009-09-24 Per Åsberg Truncate ninja_user_authorization when updating users
2009-09-24 Per Åsberg htpasswd-import: Fixed broken SQl query
2009-09-24 Per Åsberg controllers/cli: Tell htpasswd_importer to always updat...
2009-09-17 Per Åsberg views/extinfo/groups: Added missing word in extinfo...
2009-09-14 Per Åsberg helpers/pnp.php: Replace special chars in service names
2009-09-11 Roman Kyrylych Added the forgotten add.png
2009-09-11 Roman Kyrylych NagVis: Added link to WUI
2009-09-11 Roman Kyrylych NagVis: Added map name validation
2009-09-10 Roman Kyrylych Merge branch 'master' of
2009-09-10 Roman Kyrylych NagVis: Added a possibility to create a map
2009-09-10 Per Åsberg models/ninja_widget: Don't hold widget settings back
2009-09-10 Roman Kyrylych NagVis: Require confirmation when deleting maps
2009-09-10 Roman Kyrylych NagVis: Prefixed title/breadcrumb with 'Monitoring'
2009-09-09 Roman Kyrylych NagVis: Added possibility to delete a map
2009-09-09 Per Åsberg install_scripts/auth_import_mysql.php: Set DEBUG to... v0.3.2 v0.3.2-beta4
2009-09-09 Per Åsberg Require monitor-gui-core
2009-09-09 Per Åsberg ninja_db_init + auth_import_mysql: Increasing verbosity... v0.3.2-beta3
2009-09-09 Per Åsberg auth_import_mysql.php: Remove unused code v0.3.2-beta2
2009-09-09 Per Åsberg cli-helpers/htpasswd-import.php: Add role for each...
2009-09-09 Per Åsberg global_search.js: Remove trailing comma to please IE7
2009-09-08 Per Åsberg install_scripts/ Updated Ninja install... v0.3.2-beta1
2009-09-08 Per Åsberg auth_import_mysql.php: Import nagios users to mysql...
2009-09-08 Per Åsberg ninja.sql: Don't add the monitor user
2009-09-08 Per Åsberg ninja.sql: Make users table case sensitive
2009-09-08 Per Åsberg models/user: Fixed small typo
2009-09-07 Per Åsberg controllers/status: Display view even if no data found
2009-09-04 Per Åsberg controllers/extinfo: Fetch program version
2009-09-03 Andreas Ericsson specfile: Make find do its work again v0.3.1
2009-09-03 Andreas Ericsson Remove the noarch tag from building
2009-09-03 Andreas Ericsson specfile: Set correct permissions on command-line execu... v0.3.1-beta1
2009-09-03 Andreas Ericsson helpers/ninja_auth: Call apr_md5_validate() with helper...
2009-09-03 Per Åsberg extinfo: Display parent information in extinfo view
2009-09-03 Per Åsberg views/status/group_summary: Modified link from group...
2009-09-01 Peter Ostlin Fix hide/show sidebar error making the sidemenu impossi... v0.3.0 v0.3.0-beta15
2009-09-01 Per Åsberg models/comment: Check against NULL values for service_d... 0.3.0-beta14 v0.3.0-beta14
2009-09-01 Per Åsberg views/extinfo/comments: Print persistent value correct
2009-09-01 Per Åsberg views/extinfo/comments: Print host name information
2009-09-01 Per Åsberg controllers/extinfo: Added "Host Name" label
2009-09-01 Per Åsberg widgets/status_totals: Always point host details to...
2009-09-01 Per Åsberg controllers/status: s/row/host
2009-09-01 My Appelgren accidentily added an 's' on the page when saving.....
2009-09-01 My Appelgren bugfix #2708 - fixed selected mode for service & unhand...
2009-08-31 Roman Kyrylych geomap: Fix mousewheel zoom in Opera and IE 0.3.0-beta13
2009-08-31 Roman Kyrylych geomap: Fixed mousewheel zooming in Firefox
2009-08-31 Per Åsberg controllers/extinfo: Create valid links for nacoma...
2009-08-31 Per Åsberg Use PNP controller instead of direct link
2009-08-31 Per Åsberg controllers/{extinfo,status}: Verify PNP graph exists...
2009-08-28 Andreas Ericsson views/command/request: Pass default value properly... 0.3.0-beta12 v0.3.0-beta12
2009-08-28 Andreas Ericsson commands: Let users supply notification delay in minutes v0.3.0-beta11
2009-08-28 Andreas Ericsson models/command: s/notificaton/notification/
2009-08-28 Per Åsberg controllers/statusmap: Added statusmap stub
2009-08-28 Per Åsberg views/extinfo/commands: Create correct link
2009-08-28 Per Åsberg controllers/command: remove debug output
2009-08-28 Per Åsberg helpers/nagioscmd: use to convert to timestamp
2009-08-28 Per Åsberg helpers/nagstat: Convert a date format string back...
2009-08-28 Per Åsberg models/command: Pass time human readable
2009-08-28 Per Åsberg models/command: Set correct default value for service
2009-08-28 Andreas Ericsson helpers/nagioscmd: Massage some parameter values when...
2009-08-27 Per Åsberg common.js: Make more table headers floating v0.3.0-beta10
2009-08-27 Per Åsberg controllers/status: Use correct class variable for...
2009-08-27 Per Åsberg views/extinfo/index.php: Add line break after icon_image
2009-08-26 Per Åsberg views/extinfo/index: Clean up "Notifies to" code
2009-08-26 Per Åsberg controllers/extinfo: Display icon_image if defined
2009-08-26 Per Åsberg Let ninja require merlin v0.3.0-beta9
2009-08-26 Per Åsberg Make search result limit configurable
2009-08-26 Per Åsberg controllers/search: Add page title for search
2009-08-26 Per Åsberg models/{host,service}: return false when no authorized...
2009-08-25 Roman Kyrylych Made automap 100% height again and minimized the impact...
2009-08-25 Roman Kyrylych Added margin around iframe/object on NagVis page
2009-08-25 Roman Kyrylych Merge branch 'master' of
2009-08-25 Roman Kyrylych Temporary made maps height fixed to 655px
2009-08-25 Per Åsberg views/search/result: Show hostgroup search result
2009-08-25 Per Åsberg controllers/ninja: Removed unused class variables
2009-08-25 Roman Kyrylych Revert header/menu/content positioning changes
2009-08-25 Roman Kyrylych Fixed header/menu/content positioning to make 100%...
2009-08-25 Roman Kyrylych Geomap: Fixed SWF being always on top of the header...
2009-08-25 Per Åsberg widgets/tac_monfeat: Don't hard code property values v0.3.0-beta8
2009-08-25 Per Åsberg controllers/status: Make service() handle 'serviceprops...
2009-08-24 My Appelgren tweaked the startpoint for the handle in the menu scrol...
2009-08-24 Per Åsberg controllers/search: Print message if no result is returned
2009-08-24 Per Åsberg template.php: Remove old code
2009-08-24 Per Åsberg template.php: Add js_header if missing